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Website Translation and Localization

Under the boom of information technology and the Internet revolution, it has now become necessary to establish unique websites with a view to developing international business and expanding the marketing base. In this context, statistics indicate that website visitors spend double the time browsing a particular page, and their tendency to purchase increases three times when they visit a Web page presented in their mother tongue. Al Shanawani Translation Office helps all clients wishing to obtain this type of translation in order to expand their business and reach the global internet market through introducing the appropriate image, language and message to all potential clients. Moreover, we work to adapt the website to suit the cultural characteristics of each target audience.

The art of website localization involves the unique ability to adapt products or services to the cultural, legal, linguistic and technical requirements of a specific topic. Al Shanawani Translation Office is deeply honored to provide integrated and specialized services in the website translation and localization field. The translation is handled by specialized translators who translate the text into their mother tongue and technicians with extensive expertise in the translation of web pages, and after the completion of translation, it goes through an editing and proofreading process to verify its accuracy, quality and consistency with the culture of the target country.

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