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Simultaneous Interpretations

Simultaneous translation is “written” or “oral” translation, and is not limited to oral interpretation as most people imagine. This kind of translation is characterized by the fact that the interpreter is allowed no time between the delivery of the text or speech to the interpreter and outputting its translation. The interpreter translates words that have just been uttered or a text written a few minutes ago such that a simultaneous interpretation is issued without time for reflection or revision. This type of translation is considered the most difficult and can teem with errors. It can’t be undertaken by an ordinary translator due entirely to the great intellectual effort required.

As matters stand today, Al-Shanawani Translation Office has mounted the pinnacle of simultaneous interpretation as it has participated in a large number of international events, global, regional, and local conferences, and provided simultaneous interpretation services with unparalleled efficiency. The latest services provided in this field is the Office’s effective participation through 14 simultaneous interpreters in covering the international conference on talent and innovation held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud. Over one thousand participants took place in this conference, and the Office provided simultaneous interpretation to them using highly efficient specialized simultaneous interpretation personnel and equipment.

What characterizes our simultaneous interpreters is their ability to respond in record time, with a quickness of intellect, their ability to concentrate, remain relaxed, to keep on translating for long periods, their mastery of diverse terminologies, and, most importantly, their self-confidence which is considered one third of the factors of attaining success in this field.

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