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Al Shanawani Translation Office provides its services in all the different areas and fields of translation in such a manner that meets the requirements of each client on a case-by-case basis, always bearing in mind three fundamental principles: high accuracy, strict confidentiality and expeditious delivery. Thanks to such criteria, we achieve the highest possible level of quality under an umbrella of professionalism and innovation.

General Translation

This involves translation of texts dealing with general topics without specialized terminologies. Whether you are an individual or a public office

Technical Translation

This is one of our areas of excellence. Al Shanawani Translation Office can meet your needs with respect to specialized technical translation services including

Legal Translation

Over the years, Al Shanawani Translation Office has provided its distinguished services in this area for many major legal companies

Website Translation and Localization

Under the boom of information technology and the Internet revolution, it has now become necessary to establish unique websites

Economic and Financial Translation

The field of economics and finance is one of the most important fields to which special attention is given by Al Shanawani Translation Office

Humanities, Literature and Press Translation

Many works fall into this category, such as books of poetry, prose stories, novels, journalistic articles,

Medical Translation

The field of Medical Translation is one of the areas in which Al Shanawani Translation Office is masterful. The office provides,

Religious Translation

The religious translation field is a vast sea that requires accuracy, extensive expertise, knowledge, and familiarity with all its aspects.

Audio-visual Translation: Dubbing …

This type of translation has become common, and we see it a great deal while watching foreign movies and other kinds of programming.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous translation is “written” or “oral” translation, and is not limited to oral interpretation as most people imagine.

Additional Services

Along with its senior and highly experienced translators Al-Shanawani Translation Office provides technical revision

Our Languages

Al-Shanawani Translation Office has firmly established itself among the most renowned and reputable organizations


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