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Our prices

We aim to gain sustainable relationship with our clientele


Dear client… Rest assured that our key and sole goal is to establish a sustainable relationship with our clientele. So please remember that price equals quality and that our prices vary from project to project according to the client’s requirements. Our prices are most often among the most affordable you will find. Our real and unequalled profit is the balance of appreciation and loyalty of our clients and the extent to which we keep strong and sustainable relationships with them. What comes after is a gift from Almighty God.


However, to give you the basic pricing information in its context, we would like to refer to the major criteria based upon which the prices are set. Translation fees are calculated for the projects according to the following criteria:

  • Word count or the time period (for interpretation services);
  • Field of translation (nature of the subject);
  • The type of language;
  • Adjustments required in the target file;
  • Requirements of proofreading authentication and accreditation;
  • The timeframe set for completing the service.


As for certificates, documents, and personal papers (birth certificates, marriage contracts, graduation certificates, transcripts, etc.), their prices are calculated on the following basis:

  • Place of document’s issuance;
  • The target language;
  • Timeframe set for completion of translation;
  • Required adjustments;
  • Authentication and accreditation requirements.


you are kindly requested to contact us via e-mail:


You will receive our quickest possible response in no more than 24 hours

If you desire to contact us via phone, do not hesitate to call our number:

055 55 99 790

If you are calling from outside the Kingdom, please do not forget to add the international code +966:

966 55 55 99 790


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