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Technical Revision

Along with its senior and highly experienced translators Al-Shanawani Translation Office provides technical revision (copy editing and proofreading) services in five major languages – Arabic, English, French, German, and Spanish. The Office has successfully provided its services in this field to a large number of clients who have, in turn, expressed their gratitude and appreciation by way of transmitting to the Office many testimonial letters, letters of appreciation and other such acknowledgments. Although we boast of the achievements made so far, we are seeking to reach further levels beyond so as to accomplish an even nobler end – that of client satisfaction and trust.

Our copy editing services include the following:

First: General revision services
(linguistic review and grammatical correction)
Second: Vowelization and vocalization services
Third: Formatting, typesetting and punctuation services
Fourth: Documentation, indexing and layout services

Accreditation and Certification Services

The client gets his papers and documents fully and perfectly translated and bearing the accreditation of our office. This instills confidence in the document, showing that you have taken the time to present a superior translation. The resulting formality and authenticity is of great reassurance to the people to whom it is submitted since such accreditation is accepted by all government bodies and departments, foreign embassies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, universities, faculties, and schools. The Office can also, at the client’s request, arrange to have such papers and documents authenticated by the government and other bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, foreign embassies and all government bodies in general.

Express and Regular Mail Services

Al-Shanawani Translation Office is fully aware of the importance of time and thoroughly appreciates the circumstances which its clients might experience including urgent travel cases, need to transmit the document outside the Kingdom, and those cases in which the client is in a remote town and can’t visit us easily. Accordingly, Al-Shanawani Translation Office, in such cases and at the client’s request, sends all documents via express mail which typically results in delivery within 24 to 48 hours. In the event that the request is not an urgent one, the documents are sent by regular mail as a registered mailing, which typically reaches the client in a period of five to seven days

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