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Highly reputable and widely recognized organization specialized in providing translation services in all fields. We are an official certificate examiner for The Arab Professional Translators Society.


Certified Translation Office

Al-Shanawani Translation Office is a highly reputable and widely recognized office specialized in providing translation services in all fields, and is a member of the Arabic Translation & Intercultural Dialogue Association in addition to enjoying membership in the World Association of Arab Translators & Linguists. The Office has all the capacities required to provide the highest translation quality from “major” and many minor languages into Arabic and vice versa together with valuable human resources represented by a distinguished, highly qualified and experienced staff of translators who not only hold the highest accreditation certificates in translation, but also, and most importantly, are gifted with skill and talent whose sparkling work has been long honed by study and practice.


As is widely recognized

As is widely recognized, Al-Shanawani Translation Office has climbed to the pinnacle of translation markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it is ranked at the top of the best local translation organizations, and it has gained prominent stature at the international level with renowned and unique project credits thanks to its distinguished quality of bringing the nuances of one language to another.

This unparalleled success is no matter of chance. We have diligently and tirelessly sought from the very beginning to win the trust of our clients through consolidating firm principles of transparency, truthfulness, and clarity in all our dealings, and are inspired by a single firm goal; namely, to sustain the respect, gratitude and loyalty of our clients.


Translation Office seeks

Al-Shanawani Translation Office seeks to improve the standing of our beloved Arabic language and present it with an appearance befitting its dignity and stature as a major global language. Furthermore, the Office also contributes to the development of Arabic thought by way of translating the latest knowledge attained in the West, by disseminating Arabic culture in the West, and by facilitating the dialogue of cultures between the East and the West.

In practice, Al-Shanawani Translation Office meets the highest quality standards recognized in this field, and diligently seeks, at all times, to surpass the client’s expectation in this regard. We have a firm belief that quality is the key to success, uniqueness, and singularity. Not only do we seek to observe the key quality standards, we go beyond when we pay full attention to the smallest details that make the difference between us and our competitors.

General Translation

This involves translation of texts dealing with general topics without specialized terminologies. Whether you are an individual or a public office

Technical Translation

This is one of our areas of excellence. Al Shanawani Translation Office can meet your needs with respect to specialized technical translation services including

Legal Translation

Over the years, Al Shanawani Translation Office has provided its distinguished services in this area for many major legal companies

Website Translation and Localization

Under the boom of information technology and the Internet revolution, it has now become necessary to establish unique websites

Economic and Financial Translation

The field of economics and finance is one of the most important fields to which special attention is given by Al Shanawani Translation Office

Humanities, Literature and Press Translation

Many works fall into this category, such as books of poetry, prose stories, novels, journalistic articles,


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